About the X-PReSS website

This is the web portal for the DSI (Data Service Initiative), which is a strategic service-oriented approach to provide reprocessed and bulk-processed data to help meet the increased needs of ESA's users.

The service is provided by the X-PReSS consortium, composed of Serco, CEMS, Engineering, Ifremer, INTA, S&T, Magellium and Sistema.

X-PReSS provides core services to ESA (ESRIN EOP-GT) for data collection, consolidation, processor integration and processing for ESA missions and ESA Third Party Missions, as well as support services including Data Repatriation to ESA or other centres and on-line access to data for specific purposes and Data Information and Configuration Management.

This portal provides information about the service, access to service support tools and links to the individual project websites.